Student Productions

Are there student productions at Hunter?


Yes, we encourage our students to pursue their own personal projects. There are number of ways to get involved in a student production:

  • Work on a theatre club production as an actor or crew member.

  • Get a group of fellow theatre students together and make something.

Where is the theatre club?


The theatre club space is located in the Baker Theatre Building in room 355. 

What is the club production this semester?


The Hunter Theatre Company will start the Fall 2020 semester with an audio drama production of Nelson Diaz Marcano's Misfit, America, directed by Charlie Chauca.


Auditions will be held September 7-11. All students are encouraged to audition. You do not have to be a theatre major! If interested, please email to schedule an audition. 

About Misfits, America Combining the magical realistic influences of Latin American literature with the Western genre popularized in the twentieth century, “Misfit, America” follows a diverse community led by an interracial couple as they are forced to protect a Native American teen from a brotherhood of supremacists. But before they can fight, they must become at peace with their past and learn to trust the future on each other. Living on the outskirts of the last free place in America, this band of misfits must prepare to give it all or run.

Is there funding for student productions?


Yes, we students can receive a number of grants to fund their project including:

  • Performing Arts Student Activity Fund Grant

  • Student Production Fund

Click here to learn more and apply to the grants above. The theatre club also has its own funding for student-generated work.

What other resources are available for student productions?


We offer rehearsal and performance space to student productions free of charge. If you would like to reserve a room for your student production, click here.