Baker Theatre Building Update

My student, faculty, and staff friends:


I know there’s a lot of talk about Baker. It’s frustrating in the extreme. We should be together for our in-person on hybrid classes, and it’s maddening that we’re not. But the situation is in fact very simple:


A CUNY official needs to return to Baker verify that certain adjustments (exhaust fans in the restrooms, for instance) which they requested have been done. They have been done. We are waiting for the CUNY inspector to see for himself that they’ve been done. It’s not a departmental issue, or even a Hunter issue. It’s a CUNY issue. 


President Raab is in regular contact with me about Baker, most recently over this weekend. She’s no less frustrated than we are, and she’s trying, along with every other thing that relates to CUNY/Hunter, to solve it asap. 


As you may know, Ida flooded the basement when the water came up out of the ground. I believe the boilers have been repaired. 


I can’t give you a start date, but I promise I will the minute I hear. In the meantime, stay tuned for the latest information. If you want to check out something you hear, be in touch. 


Take care.  




Gregory Mosher

Patty & Jay Baker Chair of Theatre Department