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Registration FAQ

When does registration for Spring 2022 start?


Registration begins Tuesday November 8th, 2021. Students are assigned registration dates throughout the week, so the system does not get overwhelmed.

When is my registration date?


You can view your registration date by signing into CUNYfirst. Sign-in here.

What is the difference between in-person, hybrid and online classes?


When registering, be sure to click class details to see the instruction mode. The following codes correspond with the course modes of instruction:


  • P = In-Person
    All classes will take place on campus.

  • H = Hybrid
    Select sessions will be held online while others will be in-person.

  • FO = Fully-Online
    The entire class will occur remotely

What classes are being offered in Spring 2022?


You can find our class lists at the links below:

Where can I learn more about classes?


Check out our course description page to learn more about the classes and professors.

CUNYfirst won't let me register for a class. What do I do?


That depends on the error message you get from CUNYfirst. Here are the most common issues:


  • You're missing a prerequisite. If this is the case, you can e-mail the professor and ask for permission to register. If you get permission, forward the e-mail to our administrative coordinator - Jenny Rroji at - with your EmplID.

  • Registration is by permission only. Some classes require special permission before registration. This includes:

    • THEA 253 Specific Topics: Theater Performance - used for department productions, and audition based courses over the winter and summer break.

    • THEA 402 Independent Research - used for independent research projects.

    • THEA 498 In Service - allows students to receive credit for unpaid internships. Click here to find out how to get credit for an internship.

    • Special Topics courses will occasionally require permission to register. This will be noted in the class notes on CUNYfirst.

  • Are you having a different issue? E-mail us at or call us at (212)772-5149​.

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