Fall 2021 CoLab


Fall Departmental Production: CoLab 3.0


To celebrate our return to campus this fall, the department will incorporate what we have learned through doing two versions of CoLab, as we find our way back to making live, in-person performance once again.


One thing we have learned was that our students have benefitted greatly from being in positions of mentored leadership. Another thing we have learned is that our students have a lot to say, and we want to hear how that might be amplified and expressed through the medium of theatre.


Since Covid regulations are in flux and will remain so over the summer, the production we undertake must first and foremost focus on safety for all participants. We also want to provide opportunities for between 12 and 20 actors while observing these regulations, which means we need plays with small casts, in order to limit the number of people in rehearsals and onstage at any given time.


Therefore, we are pleased to announce Opening Up: CoLab 3.0, an evening (or possibly evenings) of hybrid (live and streaming) new, short-form works written, directed, designed, and produced by students, with faculty and professional mentorship.

Here’s how it works:


  • Hunter students will submit plays between now and the end of summer (August 20, 2021)

    • Each new work must be able to be performed by a cast of no more than 3 actors (although those actors could, of course, play multiple parts).

    • Each new work must not exceed 15 minutes total run time.

    • Also, the production elements demanded by each new work must be able to accommodate the limitations necessitated by having multiple works onstage in quick succession (not to mention a limited budget for each).

  • A committee of readers will choose from among the submissions a handful of plays that will work together to form an evening of performance (or series of evenings, depending on the number of submissions; announcement of selected works: August 30)

  • Students interested in working as directors, designers, and production personnel can apply to participate between now and August 20 (we will do our best to be in touch with incoming transfer students).

  • During the first 5 or so weeks of the fall semester, mentors will work with participating students in design (set, costume, lighting, sound), production (stage management, production management, technical direction), direction, and playwriting.

  • Auditions will be held during the week of September 27, and rehearsals (including load-in and tech) will go from then until opening during the week of November 15.

  • Performances will take place with limited live audiences in the Loewe theatre, and they will be simultaneously live-streamed for those unable to attend in person.


We do not have all the answers for this new exploration, but this sums up what we can know so far. We will be available for feedback, to answer any questions we can, and to listen to your ideas as we figure out how this exciting new project will transform from dream to reality!