Apprenticeship Requirements: Hunter Theatre Department

All Theatre Majors are required to complete 2 Apprenticeships prior to graduation (transfer students who arrive at Hunter with 2 years or less remaining only need to complete 1 Apprenticeship).


Each semester, students are given the opportunity to work backstage on the departmental production in the form of an Apprenticeship. This is comparable to a three-credit class (between 45-90 hours per apprenticeship). In this required assignment, you will be trained and supervised by our department faculty and staff in production areas such as Scene Shop, Costume Shop, Electrics, Stage Management, Running Crew, Board Operation, Ushering, Office Administration, Graphic Design, and Social Media.


To provide the opportunity to engage in Apprenticeships during the Covid pandemic, we have created a series of Virtual Apprenticeships for the Spring 2021 semester.


For more information or to become involved in an Apprenticeship, contact the Department’s Head of Production, Brad Krumholz, at


The deadline to state your interest in Virtual Apprenticeships for Spring 2021 is Wednesday, February 24th, 10pm.

Apprenticeships: Spring 2021

With Jen Leno, Omen Sade, and Theo Campbell




Costume Construction Apprentice (Theo) – This apprenticeship will be focused on physically creating costume pieces for the CoLab show. This could include learning how to sew, learning how to create a pattern, and learning craft skills like knitting, millinery, or thermoplastics, depending upon student interests and the needs of the show. It could involve coming into the shop in person to utilize tools, but could also be fully virtual with supplies mailed or delivered in some way to the students home (capacity: 4 students)


Wardrobe/ Shop Management Apprenticeship (Theo) – This apprenticeship will be focused on the logistics of costume production and wardrobe. It will involve working on the paperwork and planning for the execution of the costume designs for the CoLab production, as well as learning how to do the paperwork and planning that a head of wardrobe does for a traditional theatre production. This is a fully virtual apprenticeship (capacity: 2 students) 




Master Carpenter Apprenticeship (Omen) – Focus on standard construction techniques and materials. Fabricate stock and show specific set pieces. Learn basic hand drafting techniques to create builders drawings. Learn safe tool operation. ~ 3 hours per week


Props Master Apprenticeship (Omen) – Focus on standard construction techniques and materials for practical prop construction. Fabricate stock and specific props. Explore principles of usability and durability. Learn basic hand drafting techniques to create builders drawings. Learn safe tool operation. ~ 3 hours per week


Design Apprentice (Jen) – Design forward explorations of storytelling through lighting (or scenic painting if someone is interested). Color theory, color mixing, design presentations with a focus on how to work with limitations in our inventory to execute design ideas. An introduction to the world of ETC Augment3d visualization software, how to pre-program a cue with a visual aid for practice. In the case of painting, technique classes to explore faux finishes, illusions, perspective drawing, color theory (capacity: 1 student)


Technical Theatre:


Technical Director Apprenticeship (Omen) – Propose and execute organizational projects to improve the efficiency and work flow of the scene shop. Focus on principles of safety, capacity, and use of space.  ~ 3 hours per week.


Lights and Sound Technician Apprentice (Jen) – Potential in-person instruction (optional) available for finishing the sound infrastructure in the Loewe Theatre. Hanging speakers, routing speakers, establishing comm runs in the grid. Additionally, drafting lessons are available to talk about plot conventions in VectorWorks. Instructional light board programming through ETC Nomad available. Understanding the syntax behind lighting design and basic board operation (capacity: 2 students)